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Is the greatest salutary Theophany of the Mass (as experienced by Sr. Lucia at her convent in Tuy, Spain in 1929) the key to the Third Secret?  This vision where the words “Misericordia” and “Gratias” were actually spelled out alongside the vision substantiates the exegesis of “gratias” employed in this book. 

The Mass is “gratias” and “misericordia.” “Gratias” means “graces,” not “thanks.”  The first part of the Mass, like unto the Old Dispensation, petitions God’s mercy (misericordia).   

The Jerusalem Temple, the only “touch-down” point of God on earth, was characterized by the Mercy Seat.  One came here to encounter God’s Mercy dwelling among men in a unique mystical way (as confirmed by the Shekinah glory).

We are in the age of the Holy Ghost. Now the Holy Spirit is salutarily acting (gratias agens) among us to bring Christ-Holy Sacrifice-Holy Sacrament into mystical/sacramental being in an unbloody manner.  

How?  Gratias agens thus becomes the Holy Ghost doing-agens graces-gratias effecting Holy Mass.

At the Holy Supper Sacrifice, the Holy Ghost acted through Christ. Now the Holy Ghost brings this same salutary sacrifice among us through the Christ-Priest.  “Gratias” brings the fulfilment of “misericordia.” 

“Gratias agens” thus becomes “accomplishing mercy”–the Realization of God’s Saving Will, the Holy Mass.    Excerpt from Latin Mass Prayers Explained, p. 118

Attending Holy Mass places one in God’s touchdown point where one receives Mercy and Grace.  One should go to Holy Mass in order to obey God’s Commandment to keep holy the Lord’s Day.  In doing so, one should attend the canonized Holy Mass, as opposed to New Mass, which is a new and alien product of modernism.  Latin Mass Prayers Explained was written to educate the devout in the spiritual meaning of the Holy Mass as given to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself.  The above is a sample of the explanations. Regarding the Third Secret, it was at this salutary Theophany that Sr. Lucia was told to make known the secret and given the date 1960.  Is it a coincidence that Vatican Council Two began under Pope John XXIII and changed the Roman Catholic Church in its Faith and in its Liturgy?




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