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Whatever Happened to Our Catholic Church?

"How was it that a little Catholic girl--born in Italy--became one of the most powerful figures of the American Communist Party at the height of its power during the late 1930's and 1940's?" asks Eleonore Villarubia. [See Eleonore Villarubia, "Bella Dodd--From Communist to Catholic," August 31, 2010.  Source: ].

When Christ spoke of “the garden full of weeds,” He said, "An enemy has done this." Likewise, after her conversion to Catholicism through Bishop Sheen, Bella Dodd confessed in her lectures that she herself led nineteen hundred young Communists to become priests in order to destroy the Church from within. Multiply this throughout the years! 

The success of these Communist "seedlings" became apparent especially as the Church peaked in the fifties. During Vatican Council II, openly vocal dissonant, modernist clerics became darlings of the secular media. The more radical "darlings" made front page.

[Despite Fatima warning to reveal the message in1960, Pope John XXIII decided it was not relevant. See Fatima Apocalypse Now available from MAETA.]

Shortly before the Vatican II Council began, "good Pope John," as the press liked to call him, must have had an insight to the heretical agenda because he called together his cardinals and issued "Veterum Sapientiae," which declared that "the Mass must be in Latin."  Note that “the experts” of Vatican II insist that the Council did not change the Mass.  However, Vatican II was written in "double-dutch," as Fr. Paul Trinchard explained, so that it could be interpreted "as you like it," no matter how contradictory." Vatican II was advertised as pastoral, the implication being that it was therefore permissible to “experiment, to try new things, to change what had always been the same.”

Clergy and “Vatican II experts” lied.  Under the guise of returning to the practices of the early Church, they destroyed the Church.

Martin Luther said, "Destroy the Mass and you destroy the Church." Provoked by "the evil spirit of Vatican II, the whole Catholic world 'went bananas!'” Mass was in English, but it took on an air of entertainment. Guitar players were the stars. Diocesan newspapers featured pictures of jazz masses, polka masses, clown masses, liturgical dancing, etc. Best of all were the priests who tried to be stand-up comedians instead of giving sermons. Nothing was sacred anymore. In retrospect, can we not perceive the power of the "seedlings planted by Bella Dodd’s “comrade progeny?”

Latin Mass in the Roman Rite was instituted by Christ Himself and, like the Ten Commandments, is thus Divine, and unchangeable by mere man. Other rites have a tradition of vernacular, but the Latin Mass must remain in Latin. Why? In the many years before 1570 and the Council of Trent, there were many attacks on the Divine Liturgy of Holy Mass. Lex orandi, lex credendi–what is prayed is what is believed; what is believed is what is prayed. An attack upon the Mass is anti-Christ, an attack upon Christ Himself. Church history abounds with heresies which the Fathers of the Church were led to defeat.

The Church used Latin as a “wall of defense” against heresy. Latin, being a “dead language” is not open to new interpretations.  It is the language of scholars. Modernists deliberately miss-translate “immaculatam hostiam” as “spotless host.”  Classical Latin translates “hostia” as “victim or hostage.” Spotless “host” is, after all, a piece of unleavened bread.

The most prominent example of the contrast between the Latin Mass and the English New mass is: In the Latin Mass, “immaculatam  hostiam” is offered. “Immaculatam hostiam” translates to immaculate victim, (Christ); whereas, in the English New mass, “bread made with human hands” and “wine, which we hope to become our spiritual drink” are offered. [See My Basic Missal, Padre Pio Mass Prayerbook, My Sunday Missal Explained.]

Christ was born and lived on this earth to become the Victim of reparation for our sins. Isn’t this why we celebrate Christmas?  Furthermore, Christ remains with us as He promised in His very Presence in the Divine Liturgy of Holy Mass and the sacraments, especially Holy Eucharist whereby He offers Himself to us.

[Pope Leo XIII, who pronounced the Anglican orders and services “null and void” for this very reason stated “The very fact that you changed the words indicates that you no longer wish to do as the Church has always done.” (paraphrased). [See The Abbot & Me On Liturgy.]

Still, the Bishops in revolt– the enemy within– decided they knew better than Christ how to say Mass. Bishops had the winning hand. Faithful priests and people who complained were treated with contempt and heavy doses of conflict resolution.  Priests who insisted on Latin Mass were dismissed or departed of their own volition. The Bishops rule! They even refuse to fix the Holy Mass which is Christ's Divine Liturgy. Having removed Latin from the seminary enabled many more to become “New mass priests, bishops and cardinals,” who otherwise might not qualify. Despite Pope John’s insisting on Latin Mass, the U.S. Bishops refused to include Latin in the seminary curriculum. This was the visible sign of the Bishops’ Liturgical Revolt against Christ and His Church. Are these the progression of Bella Dodd’s seedlings sprouting “modernism, diversity and constant change” in order to bring the Church down from within?  

[In opposition to the flagrant Bishops’ Revolt, Rev. Gommar De Pauw, head of theology at Mount St. Mary’s in Baltimore, resigned to found the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in Westbury, N.Y.  The Bishops’ Revolt marked the beginning of a policy to ignore tradition and to welcome diversity.  “Unity in diversity” is what they called it.  [See New Mass Conclusively Invalid and Latin Mass Prayers Explained.]

Here is where the enemies within fell short. They revealed themselves to be anti-Christ, protesters against Christ Himself. Apparently Catholics did not faithfully respond to the Fatima warning. It is never too late to pray. Let us pray the Rosary again and again in faith and trust– in triplicate: that is, pray the entire Rosary, all three Mysteries of the Rosary (Joyful, Suffering and Glorious) every day, at least, during Lent.  Let us do our part.   See what happens! 

So, if the lawful authorities expect churchmen will fix the pedophile problem within the church, they had better think again.  Men who militantly dare to defy God are not afraid to deviously defy man. Only God can make a tree.  Only God can fix the Church.

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